About me

Hey there! I’m Nick, the heartbeat behind the buzzing needles at Transilvania Tattoo, where creativity meets skin in the most awe-inspiring ways.

Born with an artist’s soul in the vibrant streets of Seattle, my journey wasn’t far from the canvas to the skin. A proud alumnus of Sumner High, Seattle Art Institute, and Evergreen State College, my life has been a colorful tapestry woven with every shade of imagination. Art was never just a hobby for me; it’s been my voice, my escape, and thanks to my grandmother’s unwavering support, my chosen path.

Diving headfirst into the world of tattooing in October 2000, I embraced an apprenticeship that reshaped my world. It wasn’t long before the typical tattoo shop vibe felt too constrictive for the wild ideas I wanted to bring to life. So, in October 2008, I threw open the doors to Transilvania Tattoo – a space where art and individuality collide in the most welcoming atmosphere.

With every piece of ink, I grow not just as an artist but as a part of this incredible community that has stood by me. My artistry doesn’t confine itself to a single style. From the intricate lines of Japanese art, the expressive strokes of watercolors, to the boldness of realism and the personal touch of custom lettering, my palette is as diverse as the stories brought to me.

My background in graphic design has armed me with a technical prowess that tattoos demand, making the transition from digital to skin seamless. If your vision resonates with my eclectic style, I’m all ears and ready to transform your ideas into a masterpiece that adorns your personal canvas.

Tattooing, for me, is more than ink; it’s a catalyst for transformation – for both my clients and me. Every tattoo is a narrative, a shared journey that changes how we see the world. No piece is too small, every line meaningful, and every color vibrant with stories untold.

Together, let’s craft not just tattoos, but experiences that speak, stories that last, and art that truly represents you. Because at the end of the day, it’s about bringing visions to life, one ink stroke at a time.

Peace and ink, Nick